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Be: Art Trust

The Be: Art Trust is a registered charity formed in 2016 to bring creative art, in its broadest definition, into the lives of New Zealand’s older generations.

Enriching the lives of older New Zealanders through art.

Our core areas of activity are:

Creative Expression
Our growing NZ art collection and art-making programmes are designed to support NZ artists and to inspire and engage individuals in elderly living communities.

Through research initiatives and knowledge, we aspire to turn retirement villages into spaces for shared learning and discovery.

We intend to foster and strengthen relationships between elderly individuals, their friends and family and the wider public through engagement with art exhibitions and performances.

Art for wellbeing, such as art therapy and support groups, can improve mental health and quality of life in people of all ages, especially individuals with age-related disabilities.

Joining the old and the young with collaborative art projects, we aspire to promote a better understanding of, and empathy for, the issues faced by different generations.

Be: Art Trust – Legally registered as the BeGroup Art Foundation (Trust).

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We are trustees of the BeGroup vision, but the personality and culture of each village is formed by you, our community members.

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The Be | Art Trust

We believe the quality of people’s lives can be enriched and kept relevant by daily contact with creative endeavours.